Why Selling during the Holidays is a good thing to do

  1. There is less competition from other sellers.
  2. Winter prospects are more serious buyers.
  3. Your home looks better during the holidays, especially after a fluffy white snowfall.
  4. One of the highest percentages of “Listings Sold” to “Listings Taken” occur during this time of year.
  5. You may receive more money for your home now because there is less competition on the market.
  6. By selling now, you can have the option of a delayed closing or extended occupancy until after the festivities or even in spring.
  7. You may have fewer actual showings, but the people who take the time to visit your home are likely motivated prospects.
  8. Throughout the holiday season, you may restrict showings during your personal family events, and Buyers will understand.
  9. Buyers have more time to look at homes during the Holidays.
  10. January is traditionally the biggest transfer month — and you must be on the market to capture that market.
  11. Corporate transferees, who need to buy a home now, can’t wait until spring.