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I engaged Tina Kaizer to sell my home and then to find me another home without stairs to climb. Tina was incredibly helpful, hardworking, always ready to jump to the occasion if I found a place I wanted to check out or if she found a place that she thought would fit my needs and budget. Busy as she was, she made me feel that I was the most important client. Tina is ethical and honest, smart and funny. One couldn’t do better than to hire Tina. – Bula Hess 

I was introduced to Tina when I was tasked with providing one of her clients with an engineering solution for the sale of his house.  I was immediately impressed with her clarity and authenticity. I said to myself that should I need an agent, I would definitely call her first.  Well six months later I was in the market for a home and I did call her. She was stellar. So thorough, so energetic, she worked hard and she delivered.  And now she feels like part of the family.
Recommended 100% – D. Dugas – Sechelt

Tina was recommended to me in 2009 by a Vancouver realtor, after I decided to move to the Sunshine Coast. I also brought my 100-year-old mom with me, which made locating the appropriate home very difficult, as we required a home with a suite and basically no stairs for her entry into her home. To compound the issue, I only had just over two months to vacate my home in Langley.

I am very impressed with the professionalism and warmth that Tina exudes. As a small business expert, author and speaker in my past life, I am most cognizant of the attitude that people take towards conducting their business. I have dealt with numerous realtors over the years, and Tina would be at the top of my list.

We made approximately five trips to view seven to eight homes on each trip. Tina arranged the viewings within a day’s notice and ensured that she found a variety of homes that may have suited our needs, or ones that could be easily adapted for my mom. She spent copious time showing us from one end of the coast to the other, as I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live. My dream was always a log home on the Sunshine Coast near the ocean. Tina also found all the log homes for sale that fitted my physical and financial parameters.

Her patience, knowledge of the industry trends, prices, and the Coast in general is extensive. Tina’s attention to detail also impresses me. Her efficiency and willingness in dealing with the paperwork, the other realtor, and attending to my needs, such as second and third viewings, home inspectors, pages of questions and information made it such an easy transition. We did end up with a lovely log home. On the Sunshine Coast. Near the ocean. With an ideal, large suite for my mom. In fact, after I moved back, I wrote a story for hopeful national publication about living there, as we had so many happy memories over the six years that we lived in that home.

In spring of 2015, I needed to return to the mainland for personal reasons. I interviewed three realtors, including Tina. She came professionally armed with a well-prepared binder full of the most helpful information, statistics, ideas for selling and staging, and financial information. She stood out hands down from the other realtors I talked to. Tina explained in depth what she would do for me; how she would promote and market, when we would have open houses, and left no stone unturned.

I decided to use Tina to sell my home. She knew me, my situation, and how important it was to be sold by that summer. I will never forget her words: “My father was in real estate, and he told me that the first offer is usually the best offer.” Well, the first people did make an offer. It wasn’t really acceptable, but Tina worked with us both, and that young couple did finally end up purchasing my home. During the various showings and open houses, Tina was always there to ensure that all ran smoothly, and she made every effort to accommodate both potential buyers’ needs and my own needs.

In closing, I cannot recommend Tina highly enough. She is honest above reproach, smart, efficient, professional, knowledgeable, warm and caring, attentive, courageous and motivated. In all our years of knowing each other, I consider her also a dear friend, albeit from a distance now. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Sincerely, Frances

Dear Tina: We would personally like to thank you for your hard work and professional ethics. You sold our home in two weeks after taking our listing, which in this soft market is amazing. Thank you again, Lloyd & Dione

We want to send a big bouquet to Tina Kaizer. We were meeting an executor to establish market value for a property we were hoping to list and help liquidate an estate. The family’s access to their deceased mother’s affairs was limited so we were doing our best while researching the property in question. I noticed that Tina had been the listing agent a number of years earlier when it was sold to the mother. We contacted Tina for help. She did not hesitate to help us with her old listing notes and “went down in the dungeon” to retrieve the archived file and provided us some valuable information regarding an earlier replaced septic system. It is this kind of cooperation among members in our profession that makes us REALTORS® such a knowledgeable and valuable resource to property buyers and sellers. Thank-you, Tina! – Bruce Lasuta and Carol Hautala

Good afternoon Tina, before time really gets away from me I want to take a moment to put some words together to express the process of buying a home given your guidance and hope you will consider it in addition to your existing testimonials. Tina Kaizer is simply an amazing person on all levels. We were extremely fortunate that a mutual friend had recommended Tina to help us find and purchase a home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Tina truly embraces the challenge and is a master at orchestrating a flawless real estate purchase from the beginning to the move in date. In out opinion, Tina is the best-of-the-best. We are very grateful to you Tina, we can’t thank you enough. Warmest regards, Deborah and Scott

Choosing a Real Estate Agent can be a difficult one, especially these days when there is literally a bucket of them. My husband and I were living remotely last spring, anticipating moving to the Sunshine Coast. We needed a realtor that was reliable, courteous, prompt and most of all would provide professional advice. Tina listened to our wants, desires and needs and was able to provide us with a list of homes to view on our shopping trip. She understood exactly what we were looking for and gave us the time to make our final decision on our new home. During the lengthy process and dealing remotely, we had no doubt that Tina was working for us. Dealing with Tina was a total pleasure, plus we ended up making a great friend. I would recommend anyone thinking of selling or buying a new home to contact Tina to experience a stress free process. – Paula

Tina, I want to thank you for your perseverance and hard work over the last several years to get our property SOLD. We felt discouraged at times, but not with you. The market was very slow and the property was unique. You never faltered in your efforts to follow up on interest and to keep us informed. I would be happy to recommend you to “friends and family” as the saying goes; you are a professional and personable and you do get the job done. Best wishes. – Ken

Having to sell your parents home can be very difficult. Tina made it easier.  The property was showcased beautifully by her photographs and description. It was a tremendous load off my mind to have everything taken care of so quickly and professionally. Tina was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her.
 B. Miles